Thank you to Étude HS (Sheboygan), Lakeland Union HS (Minocqua), Oregon HS, and University School of Milwaukee for participating in the third pilot festival this year.

All films are free to view; you will need to click the [Access] button and register for a zero-dollar pass to view each.  You also can use the ticket code "WISDAA," but will still need to add your name and email.

Lakeland Union - 'In Jail For Tax Evasion' by The 240's
'In Jail For Tax Evasion' by The 240's
Music Video
University School of Milwaukee - A Two-Week Journey
A Two-Week Art Journey
University School of Milwaukee - Club Film
Club Film
Étude - Cookin' Time
Cookin' Time
Narrative by Elizabeth Kaufmann
Étude - Couch Dracula
Couch Dracula
Animation by Gavin Lulloff
Étude - Delicate
Narrative by Julian Medina
Étude - Iz All Good
Iz All Good
Music video by Comet Pasterski (music by Kyle Irby, used with permission)
Lakeland Union - John Candle Two Far Gone
John Candle Two Far Gone
Lakeland Union - Monsters Within
Monsters Within
Monsters Within is a short film directed by Jordan Diver & Dominic Wilde
Oregon - Online Safety PSA
Online Safety PSA
Commercial/Public Safety Announcement
Oregon - Panther Vision newscast 12/21/23
Panther Vision newscast 12/21/23
Broadcast News
Oregon - Panther Vision newscast 2/14/23
Panther Vision newscast 2/14/23
Broadcast News
Oregon - Panther Vision newscast 2/28/24
Panther Vision newscast 2/28/24
Broadcast News
University School of Milwaukee - Rigoberto!
Lakeland Union - The Traveler
The Traveler
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